Suites Center Barcelona
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Suites Center Barcelona

Typology of stays

Reservations and expenses of cancellations the society Hotel Noga Barcelona S.L.U. stipulates 2 types of stays, as follows:

I. Stays of short duration: 1 night up to 7 nights.

II. Stays of more than 7 nights.

Suites Center Barcelona

Confirmation of reservations

  1. For reservations from 1 to 7 nights credit card will be requested

  2. For reservations of more than 7 nights a deposit of 25 % of the total amount of the reservation is requested. Deposit should be settled within 72 following hours in the bank account which will be provided. Bank statement will be sent via fax to the Tl. +34 932 553 002 or via e-mail to [email protected], in order to confirm the booking. After 72 hours without having copy of the payment, Hotel Noga Barcelona S.L.U saves the right to proceed to the cancellation of the reservation

Cancellation policy

Return of the down payment. The cancellation of the booking amount are as below:

The client has the right to cancel his reservation at any time. However, SUITES CENTER BARCELONA have the right to retain, as compensation for damages, the following percentage of the advance deposit:

  1. Stays from 1 to 7 nights:

    Cancellation without charge until 72 hours prior to arrival day

    Within 72 hours or in the case of no show one night will be charged as cancellation fee.

  2. Stays of more than 7 nights:

    Cancellation without charge until 72 hours prior to arrival day.

    Within 72 hours or in the case of No Show full deposit (25%) will be charged as cancellation charges

Check Special Cancellation costs for stays in trade shows, conferences, or other events.

Suites Center Barcelona

Access to suites

Keys will be available in the lobby of Hotel Casa Fuster G.L.****** Landmark, located at number 132 of the Passeig de Gracia (at 20 meters from the main entrance of the Suites Building.

The customer pays the full amount of stay at the time of contract signature check-in deducting the deposit already made.

For your information, check-in is from 17:00 hrs. They may also vary by the time required for cleaning.

Departure time is stipulated at 11:00 hrs.

Unauthorized Departures after the 11:00 AM will be charged as an extra night.

Capacity of Accomodation

Exceding the contracted capacity of accommodation is extrictly prohibited


  1. Stays of 1-7 nights: there will be a pre-authorization on credit card provided at the time of Check-in equivalent to 100,00 € per night of stay. Also, may deposit be settled in cash.

  2. Stays of 7 nights or more: a deposit in cash 500.00 € at the time of check-in.

In both cases, any deposit or approvals made on credit cards will be returned upon departure. Client will be responsible for any damages caused by negligence or misuse, and cost of replacement.It is required tenants responsible use of the facilities. Faced with evidence of vandalism or reckless use of the same, the owner reserves the right to terminate the lease.


The cost of telephone calls will be charged in the master bill . The Society Hotel Noga Barcelona S.L.U reserves the right to request full or partial payment of the amount of calls made in the apartment before departure the client, otherwise will be paid to the client output.

Cleaning service

Daily maid service is included in your fare. If you do not want to enjoy the preferred cleaning or establish one or more days for the same, please request to our Customer Care Department.

Suites Center Barcelona

Additional Services

All requested services during the stay in Suites Center Barcelona ,such as room service laundry, transportation, etc. Will be paid at the time of service and may not be billed to your account.


Suites Center Barcelona offers a limited number of parking spaces. In order to request this service, please contact the reservation department or Customer Service to check availability and the price of this service. Suites Center Barcelona is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles parked in the parking garage.


Hotel Noga Barcelona S.L.U. is not responsible for the conduct and / or actions of tenants. The hotel has reserved the right of admisión

For more information and request contact our Customer Service calling at the number + 34 932 553 010. We wish you a happy stay.